Lorandria Village is one of the few remaining civilized settlements after the outbreak of undead became too much to resist.

It is largely thanks to the efforts of the owners of the village magic shop, Arcane Light, and the sacrifices of the village guards that it still stands. Once the undead deluged through the night, it was the guards who were first to lay down their lives to fight the blight.
It was a losing battle as hundreds of undead poured into the village. Many of the village’s guards died and eventually rose to join the ranks of the undead.
Surely, many more would have followed suit had stone walls not been magically erected by the mages of Arcane Light that shielded Lorandria from the undead tide.

Inside the new walls, the clerics and paladins of the Church of the Divines fought hard, some to their last breath, in order to eradicate the undead now trapped inside the village. Civilians, whom were lucky enough to do so, fled to the Governor’s Quarters to seek shelter from the undead menace. All hope had seemed lost as the sounds of slashing metal and screams of agony echoed within the city enshrouded by the night.

When the sun finally crested the horizon, and the undead shrunk away from its radiance, Lorandria Village stood, albeit badly scarred.
Hundreds of civilians and warriors died that night. This night, within the village, would then be referred to in hushed whispers as the “Night that Darkness fell.”

Resources to revive slain loved ones quickly became scarce as grieving families traded their worldly possessions to restore the lives of the dearly departed. This presented a new problem: space and resources for revived individuals quickly came into high demand as refugees from other destroyed settlements poured into Lorandria’s gates. Not wanting to turn them away, and possibly condemn them to death by undead, the common folk of Lorandria insisted the governor allow the refugees to stay within the walls of the village.

Today, Lorandria Village is overpopulated, and under resourced. Food has become as sought after as gold coins used to be; citizens work hard labor daily to receive a loaf of bread to feed their families with. Clerics at the church prepare as many spells as they can to try and feed the hungry, but the burden is more than their combined efforts can satiate most days.
Guards are posted at dozens of watch towers across the inside of the city walls around the clock to sound the alarm if any undead manage to breach the city’s walls.


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